Take Immediate Action Against Money Laundering Charges

Money laundering is the practice of engaging in specific financial transactions to hide the identity, source and destination of money. The laundering part of the name comes from the so-called cleaning of money so that law enforcement cannot track the source back to illegal activities. Any transaction which generates money as the result of an unlawful activity implicates money laundering and potentially tax fraud and false accounting.

Money laundering is a serious criminal charge that carries a sentence of up to life in prison. Because of the complexity of money-laundering charges, it is crucial to have a federal white collar criminal defense lawyer who knows the nature of these offenses. Federal criminal lawyer Ann Fitz can help defend your rights and guide you through the federal criminal process. Contact the firm’s West Palm Beach office by calling 561-932-1690 to schedule your consultation.

The Complexity Of Money-Laundering Charges

Individuals, businesses, corrupt officials and members of organized crime can launder money and may use a complex network of shell companies and trusts based in offshore tax havens. Money laundering cases may start as charges against one person in an organization but can then expand to a broader investigation into multiple people. Because of the web-like nature of these cases, it is essential that you contact a seasoned defense attorney if you believe that the federal government is investigating you for money laundering.

A Watchdog For Your Civil Rights

Federal law enforcement agents have enormous powers to investigate your personal and business financial records. The Money Laundering Control Act, Patriot Act and other legal provisions give the federal government expansive powers to obtain financial records from banking institutions. Even with these powers, U.S. citizens still have rights that federal agents must respect.

Federal criminal attorney Ann Fitz will carefully examine how law enforcement obtained evidence in your case and determine if they infringed upon your civil rights. Judges may suppress unlawfully collected evidence, and Ms. Fitz will ensure that the prosecution follows the correct procedures.

A West Palm Beach Attorney Who Will Fight For You

Ann Fitz aggressively fights for her clients in the Southern District of Florida. You can schedule your consultation at the firm by calling 561-932-1690 or by using the contact form.