A Skilled Defense Attorney For Federal White Collar Criminal Charges

Many criminal charges that involve financial manipulation, deceit and other forms of financial gain are considered federal white collar crimes. No matter what type of federal white collar charges you are facing, you will have to face off against federal prosecutors who have vast powers to investigate your personal and business financial dealings. If you are charged with a federal white collar crime, you will want an experienced defense attorney who can stand take a stand against the United States government.

Attorney Ann Fitz has over 15 years of experience in federal court and a long record of favorable case outcomes for her federal white collar criminal defense clients. Out of her West Palm Beach office, she represents people who are charged with federal white collar crimes in the Southern District of Florida. You can discuss the details of your case in a free consultation with Ms. Fitz by calling 561-932-1690.

An Aggressive Defense For Many Types Of Charges

Attorney Ann Fitz is a former prosecutor and a served as a Panel Attorney for 7 years in conjunction with the Federal Defender’s Office in Atlanta and Los Angeles. This experience allows her to defend clients against federal white collar charges and understand how prosecutors handle these cases. As your attorney, she will create an aggressive defense based on the strengths and unique details of your case. The Law Office of Ann Fitz defends clients from many types of federal white collar criminal charges, including those involving:

A criminal conviction is not the end of your fight for freedom. Attorney Ann Fitz guides clients through the federal criminal appeals process and will investigate every detail of your case. She will find legal issues that your lawyer preserved for argument and valid objections that the trial court overruled.

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You can discuss your federal white collar criminal charges in a free consultation at the Law Office of Ann Fitz. Call the firm now at 561-932-1690 to schedule your free first meeting. Attorney Fitz is also available by email.