The Top 10 “Most Depraved” Fraudulent Schemes in South Florida

The Sun Sentinel published an article today asking “What is it about South Florida that makes the region such an effective hatchery for scams and schemes?”  Today’s article cites to a 2015 article that calls South Florida the nation’s organized fraud capital, positing, “Is it the weather? Is it because it’s beautiful and the fraudsters want to live here? Is it because it’s such a melting pot and you have organized crime from all ethnic groups?” quoting Kelly Jackson, top agent in the Internal Revenue Service’s criminal investigative division in South Florida.  Jackson continues, “Any fraud, it always seems to start here.”

While the article provides no clear answer as to why South Florida is such a hotbed for fraudulent schemes, it does provide an interesting top-ten slideshow of the most “depraved” scams in South Florida, including:

  1. Investment Fraud
  2. Drug Treatment/Sober Home Fraud
  3. Credit Card Skimming 
  4. Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams
  5. Call Center Schemes
  6. Fortune Telling Scams
  7. Immigration Fraud
  8. Insurance Scams
  9. Identity Theft
  10. Hurricane Fraud

Read the full article here: What are South Florida’s most depraved scams?