Do Not Face The IRS Alone

The Law Office of Ann Fitz defends the rights of clients who are charged with federal white collar crimes, including tax fraud, tax evasion and tax avoidance. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is intimidating enough without having to deal with income tax fraud. Upon taking your case, Ann Fitz will review the evidence against you and the possible role you had if the alleged crimes were part of a larger conspiracy.

The prosecution must prove that you intended to commit the crime. Because of the complicated tax code, intent to commit tax fraud is one of the hardest crimes for the prosecution to prove. If dismissal is not an option, sentencing mitigation is what Ann Fitz will focus on. Ms. Fitz will attempt to reduce the sentence, modify it to house arrest or work out a deal with the prosecution where you will cooperate for a lesser penalty.

What Acts Are Considered Tax Fraud?

The federal tax fraud statutes are 26 USC §7201 (tax evasion), 26 USC §7202 (failure to collect or pay tax), 26 USC §7203 (failure to file return, supply information or pay tax), 26 USC § 7206 (fraud and false statements), and 26 USC §7212 (attempting to interfere with administration of IRS laws).

Examples of violation of the tax law include:

  • Underreporting or hiding personal or business income
  • Overstating tax deductions
  • Using a set of fraudulent account records to hide income
  • Making false entries in financial records
  • Claiming personal expenses as business expenses
  • Claiming false deductions
  • Obfuscating assets or income.

Tax Preparers And Fraud Charges

Individuals and companies are not the only people who can face tax fraud charges. The IRS also commonly investigates tax preparers for alleged tax fraud schemes.

The federal government indicts tax preparers for tax fraud when it can trace a tax identification number (TIN) to a fraudulent return. Tax preparers may find themselves in this situation if their company markets itself on obtaining high refunds for their customers by manipulating numbers. The company’s reward is a kickback from the refund. The IRS has also charged tax preparers with fraud for preparing false tax returns to collect refunds for people who do not exist.

A Lawyer Who Defends People in the Southern District of Florida From Tax Fraud Charges

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