A Determined Federal Criminal Lawyer to Fight Against Obstruction Of Justice

Obstruction of justice is a federal criminal charge that refers to any interference of the administration and due process of law. This crime can take place during an investigation as well as during a trial. If you are being charged with obstruction of justice, you need a federal criminal attorney who knows how to develop a defense strategy to fight for you.

Federal criminal lawyer Ann Fitz in West Palm Beach defends against white collar criminal defense in the Southern District of Florida. Ms. Fitz has more than 15 years of experience in federal courts, which allows her to understand all facets of the federal criminal process.  Call her now at 561-932-1690 to schedule your free consultation.

Obstruction Of Justice Covers Many Acts

Obstruction of justice covers a broad range of activities, from the disposal of crucial documents to the intimidation of case witnesses. Federal investigators generally focus on if a person’s actions caused the intended effect of obstruction of justice. Because of the complex nature of these charges, it is essential that you have an experienced defense attorney by your side.

A few examples of acts that constitute obstruction of justice include:

  • Bribing jurors or government witnesses
  • Threatening or assaulting a person because they took part in a criminal investigation
  • Lying to law enforcement by giving a false name or false and misleading statements regarding the circumstances of a crime
  • Hiding, erasing or modifying evidence
  • Destroying corporate or financial records

A conviction for obstruction of justice can result in between 1 to 20 years in federal prison. Because of the severity of this charge, prosecutors often add on top of other criminal charges.

Contact A Knowledgeable Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

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