Fight Back with a Tough Defense Against Federal Criminal Charges Of Fraud

Insurance fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of facts and circumstances to an insurance company to obtain payment.  If you are charged with federal insurance fraud, you need to protect yourself by contacting an experienced federal criminal attorney.

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What is Insurance Fraud?

Any person who intentionally misleads or deceives an insurance provider to get additional compensation may face insurance fraud charges. These white collar criminal charges fall into two categories: hard fraud and soft fraud. Hard fraud involves a person creating a staged accident or injury to obtain money. Soft fraud is the act of exaggerating an accident or injury to maximize a claim.

Some examples include:

  • Faked automobile collisions, including reporting a false hit-and-run or a staged accident
  • Intentional property and automobile damage, such as deliberate damages, vandalism and inflated damages
  • Faked accidents, including fraudulent slip-and-fall and other personal injury claims and fictitious workplace accidents
  • Medical billing fraud, which is a form of fraud committed by health care professionals
  • Health insurance fraud, including the use of another person’s identity to get benefits
  • Life insurance fraud, such as buying fraudulent policies for already dead relatives

Insurance Fraud Is A Serious Crime

A conviction for insurance fraud can result in severe penalties, including mandatory restitution of lost income, loss of professional license and substantial prison sentences. It is critical that you hire a federal criminal attorney who has the experience to fight such complicated charges.

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