A Knowledgeable Federal Defense Lawyer For Cyber Crimes Charges

The term cyber crimes refers to criminal activities carried out with computers or through the Internet. A variety of charges fall under the "cyber crime" label, including the illegal digital transfer of money and identity theft. With the rise of digital devices in every facet of our lives, the federal government is charging more people with cyber crimes.

Federal criminal lawyer Ann Fitz understands the seriousness of cyber crimes charges and knows how to fight to defend you. She uses her federal court experience and a team of topic-specific specialists to protect her clients against cyber crimes charges. You can talk to Ms. Fitz in a free consultation at the firm’s West Palm Beach office by calling 561-932-1690.

Forensic Evidence Is Crucial

Accusations of a crime that involve computers or the Internet could result in the immediate seizure of all personal and business computer hardware and digital files. If this has happened to you, federal criminal lawyer Ann Fitz will work with law enforcement to obtain mirror images of hard drives to investigate your side of the story. Ms. Fitz often develops a strategy in cyber crimes cases by working with forensic experts who examine all types of computer devices. These experts will investigate security issues and capture and organize digital evidence, including critical dates, downloaded material, web history, transaction records, cellular data and other relevant information. With this data, Ann Fitz can find crucial evidence in support of your defense.

What are Cyber Crimes?

Cyber crimes often fall under the category of white collar crimes and may include:

  • Fraudulent digital bank transactions
  • Conducting illegal financial transactions or wire fraud
  • Hacking a computer or private network
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Credit card or debit card fraud
  • Securities fraud and manipulation of markets
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Spreading a computer virus or network attacks
  • Phishing scams
  • Cyberstalking
  • Child pornography
  • Enticing a minor through digital means
  • Sexual texting (sexting)

Talk To a Federal Criminal  Attorney Who Understands Cyber crimes

The sooner that you contact federal criminal attorney Ann Fitz, the more time she will have to build a stronger case. If you are facing federal cyber crimes charges, call Ms. Fitz today at 561-932-1690 to schedule your initial consultation. You can also email us with your information.