A Trusted Defense Attorney For Bank Fraud Charges

Bank fraud is a serious white collar crime that involves obtaining money from any federal insurance financial institution. Federal bank fraud charges carry severe penalties for a conviction, including lengthy jail sentences and hefty fines. If you are facing bank fraud charges, you need an experienced and knowledgeable white collar criminal defense attorney.

The Law Office of Ann Fitz defends clients in all federal districts of Florida from bank fraud charges. Attorney Ann Fitz has over 15 years of experience in federal courts and a record of success for her white collar criminal defense clients. You can schedule your consultation at the firm’s West Palm Beach office by calling 561-932-1690.

What Is Bank Fraud?

Examples of bank fraud include:

  • Check fraud: Examples of check fraud involve using fake checks for deposits, using a false identity to deposit checks and a using stolen checks to withdraw cash from a bank account.
  • Deposit account fraud: Deposit account fraud, also called check kiting, occurs when a bank records an in-transit or non-existent cash it into a bank account. One example of this type of bank fraud is when a person pays with a fraudulent check or withdraws from an account and the bank pays based on the unfunded deposit.
  • Falsification of loan applications: Falsification of loan applications is a type of crime that involves misrepresenting information on mortgage loan applications. This type of fraud is also known as mortgage fraud.
  • Credit card fraud: This type of fraud works in a similar way to check fraud, but is accomplished with credit cards.

Fight Back Against Complex Bank Fraud Charges

Many alleged bank fraud schemes make use of the Internet, which can implicate wire fraud charges. Ann Fitz has a thorough knowledge of the complex nature of these charges, and she can create a vigorous defense for your case. She will guide you through the federal criminal process and keep you informed of the latest case developments.

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