Appealing A Federal Conviction In The Eleventh Circuit Court Of Appeals

A federal criminal conviction does not always close the door with finality on a defendant. There may have been legal issues that were not identified or inappropriately argued by your original attorney, or objections made that were overruled by the trial court. Ann Fitz is a federal criminal attorney in West Palm Beach and North Miami who has represented clients in various Courts of Appeals, including the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and has successfully argued appellate issues for her clients.

How The Appeals Process Works

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals – which is based in Atlanta and hears appeals from all U.S. District Courts in Florida, Georgia and Alabama – will docket your case as soon as a notice of appeal is filed, which must be done within 10 days of the filing of the final judgment and conviction (J&C) in the district court. A docketing notice will be sent out providing the briefing schedule. Oral argument is often requested for the opportunity to argue important and often-complex issues to the three-judge panel considering the case.

Many clients have sought Ann Fitz’s assistance after being convicted of a federal crime. For many of our clients, the original attorney failed to identify potential sentencing mitigation factors or failed to preserve issues during the original trial. That lack of attention may have resulted in a conviction, or a higher sentence, and can be challenged in the Court of Appeals.

Even if Ann Fitz did not represent you in the trial court, she can represent you in the Court of Appeals. Her job is to show that material mistakes made by the trial court or your previous attorney entitle you to a reversal or an acquittal. It is also possible to file a habeas corpus petition to argue for vacating, setting aside, or correcting your federal sentence, which may lead to being re-sentenced to a lesser amount of time.

When Ann Fitz represents you at both the initial trial and the case before the Court of Appeals, she will ensure that all material issues are preserved in court. She will always make objections at trial if she feels it important to do so, even if they are overruled by the judge. By doing so, a record of that particular issue is maintained for subsequent review. This allows her to raise those issues on appeal of the conviction and/or sentence.

Don't Wait - Appeals Have Strict Time Limits

Please know that timing is important as there is a statute of limitations for criminal appeals. It is, therefore, imperative for you to contact us immediately for a review of your case. Contact the Law Office of Ann Fitz by calling 561-932-1690 or by using the contact form.