Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach - Conspiracy

Conspiracy is one of the most complex federal criminal charges and one of the most difficult to prove. By definition, conspiracy is an agreement between two or more individuals to engage in criminal activity. Such offenses can range from conspiring to traffic drugs to conspiring to defraud a bank or the United States. In most cases, a conspiracy charge requires the government to present evidence of an overt act that was done in furtherance of the conspiracy in order to prove an illegal agreement existed.  Usually federal conspiracy is indicted as one count along with additional counts for the individual underlying crime(s) that constitute the subject of the conspiracy.  Two or more defendants must be charged in order for a conspiracy charge to stick - otherwise, the conspiracy may be subject to an entrapment defense.

Dependency on Cooperating Witnesses

Defending against federal conspiracy charges is very different from defending against any other kind of case. These cases hinge on cooperating witnesses, and the prosecution puts tremendous effort into making their case.  Ann Fitz is a federal criminal defense attorney who possesses a thorough understanding of the federal criminal code, the legal procedures and the sentencing guidelines necessary to building an effective defense. She has successfully defended against conspiracy charges in the past and can help you with your case.  Call today for a free in-office consultation.