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If you are under federal investigation, indicted on federal criminal charges, or challenging a federal conviction on appeal, you need a dedicated and knowledgeable defense attorney fighting for you.

Attorney Ann Fitz has over 15 years of experience fighting on behalf of criminal defendants in federal court.  She is a top-rated white collar defense attorney and has handled federal cases in Florida, Georgia, California, New York, New Jersey, the Carolinas, and Tennessee.

Ann Fitz is a former prosecutor and has defended many high-profile white collar cases, including a $25 million loan modification scheme, a $12 million tax fraud scheme, and a $7 million Ponzi scheme.

Clients choose Ann Fitz as their federal defense attorney because of her:

• Informative and straightforward explanation of legal matters

• Thorough investigation, preparation and research of case details

• Use of independent forensic analysis and collaboration with topic-specific experts

• Dedication to preserving her clients’ freedom and rights

• Personalized approach to building a defense to criminal charges


Want to find out more about Attorney Ann Fitz?


Outside of the courtroom, Ann Fitz has provided her insights and opinions as a legal commentator on the Fox News Network, CNN, HLN, MSNBC and appeared as a regular guest on truTV's In Session (formerly CourtTV) from 2009-2011.

Her distinctive accomplishments in criminal defense have been featured in numerous nationally well-known publications and media outlets including Rolling Stone Magazine, Wired Magazine, CBS's primetime news magazine 48 Hours Mystery and NBC's Nightly News.


An Individualized Approach to Defending Federal White Collar Criminal Charges 

As a seasoned criminal defense attorney, Ann Fitz understands that good people can get caught in the system and that every client's circumstances are unique.  She takes a personalized approach on every case to learn about who her clients are as individuals so that she can properly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the government's allegations.  She uses her experience and a close examination of case facts to create an individualized case strategy for every client and she will fight to protect your rights and interests from the beginning of the criminal investigation through the final resolution of your case.


Federal Criminal Defense

Not all attorneys are familiar with federal criminal procedure and rules. Ann Fitz’s experience with federal criminal charges allows her to build a solid defense.

White Collar Crimes

White collar criminal cases can involve complex financial regulations and federal laws. As your attorney, Ann Fitz will stand up to federal prosecutors in the courtroom.

Criminal Appeals

A conviction is not the end of a criminal case. Ann Fitz will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your original case and guide you through the appeals process.

Fight Back With A Solid Defense From The Beginning Of Your Federal Case

Federal white collar criminal charges require defendants to face off against the full force of the federal government. Federal prosecutors have broad powers to investigate your personal and business finances. You need a smart lawyer who can defend your rights. Attorney Ann Fitz will review your case in a free consultation at the firm’s West Palm Beach office. Call her now at 561-932-1690 or send us an email to schedule your free first meeting.